Introducing the eDriveKEY

The eDriveKEY is the heart of the eDriveCARE system. At eDriveCARE, we’ve spend more than 3 years to engineer the perfect device to meet our quality, ergonomic, security and affordability criteria.

We’re not reselling Chinese diagnostic or code reader with a custom sticker. Unlike other connected devices or OBD readers, the eDriveKEY has been developed to provide more and keep an affordable price:

Always plugged

Once installed, the eDriveKEY remains plugged to the vehicle. The eDriveCARE system is designed to collect information every time your car is in operation and detects events as soon as they happen, even pro-actively.


At eDriveCARE, we think that every person who has a smartphone and a car (or more) should be able to get detailed and understandable information about his vehicle.

The current solutions on the market are either complex to setup or cost prohibitive. In addition, most of the connected products are designed to track the driver’s behavior and use the data against him We’re not an insurance company and are not reselling any data related to the driver.

With a price under $30, eDriveCARE proposes the most simple and affordable solution, with no hidden costs. 


The eDriveKEY uses WiFi technology to interact with the smartphone

It is also important to shut the device off when the engine is not running. It protects from battery drain (That’s a frequent problem with existing diagnostic devices) but it also prevents any malicious or brute-force connection attempt while the vehicle is not operating.

There is no battery in the device, this means no risk of fire. In addition, the eDriveKEY enclosure is made of ABS VO (Fire retardant).

Advanced diagnostics

The eDriveKEY can analyse much more than the engine. The eDriveCARE application includes a beta feature (currently available on selected vehicles) to diagnose modules like airbags, ABS, …

Original and ergonomic design

Most of the devices and OBDII readers are usually the same and looks pretty ugly.

Plugging the device to the diagnostic plug of the vehicle is not always easy and the ergonomy

Designed and assembled in the USA

The eDriveKEY has been designed by our team in California. The eDriveCARE is made of component coming from all over the world but the assembly and QA process in proudly made in the USA.

Making of the eDriveKEY: