eDriveCARE : The dashboard

The dashboard is the main view of the application. It provides information at glance and gives access to additional details and actions.

It is not necessary to keep the application open and visible to get vehicle analysis working. Just keep the eDriveKEY plugged to your car and the application will continue to collect the data in the background.

The dashboard provides real-time speed, engine RPMs and coolant status.

If coolant status icon is green, the coolant temperature is OK. If the coolant status icon is orange, this means that the coolant temperature is above the recommended temperature. This usually means that you should check the coolant level and refill your coolant. If the coolant status icon is red, you should stop immediately because there is a coolant leak and your engine is not properly cooled anymore. In any case, wait at least 15 minutes before opening the coolant tank.

In case of high coolant temperature or low fuel level, a message will pop-up on the screen.

Quick buttons are available to access the diagnostic results, to find a gas or a repair station and to edit the application settings.

The dashboard also provides an information and action screen. By default, it displays your car model and logo. Tapping on the car logo will give you access to the list of the vehicles your are currently using with the application.

If the application is not able to connect properly to the eDriveKEY, the info screen will display the following message:


In addition, you can access different actions/information by clicking on the navigation buttons or just swipping to the left or the right of the application screen:

Diagnostic results

A summary of the current status of the vehicle (Displays the number of errors found during analysis).

Tap on the info screen to get more details.

Coolant temperature

Displays the current coolant temperature. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius in the settings.

Fuel level


Displays the remaining fuel level. Most of the vehicle manufactured prior to 2007 doesn't return this information.

Battery voltage

This is the current voltage of the vehicle battery.

Plug assistant

Tap on the info screen to access the plug assistant to locate the Diagnostic Link Connector.

Monitors status (Smog pre-check) 

This feature is currently in beta. To pass the smog check, vehicle monitors must be ready.

OBD2 Readiness Monitors are simple yet powerful self check routines. They provide insight to the car’s self-diagnostics.

The purpose of readiness monitors is to self-test the car’s emission control systems. The monitors are also known as Emissions Monitors. Like the name indicates, they observe the performance of car’s emission related systems.

If you are disconnecting the battery or changing some engine parts, monitors have to restart their test cycle. This process can take a couple of days and requires do drive with specific requirements.

The Check Monitors feature of the application gives you a status for each monitor but also helps you to speed-up the readiness process if one of your monitor is not ready yet.

Application settings

Tap on the info screen to display the application settings.