Feature : Diagnostic results

Diagnostic results is a key feature of eDriveCARE, it provides information about vehicle's issues in a comprehensive manner.

The first screen of the Diagnostic results gives high level information by incriminated module with the last time the vehicle was checked.

A second screen provides more details about the module and list each error found for the module.

For most of the vehicle, eDriveCARE detects errors related to the engine or car’s emission control systems. eDriveCARE introduced a Beta feature for selected vehicles to check almost every component. For example,  it can detect issues from the Air Conditioning, Airbags, Light Bulbs, Park Distance Control and even from communication and audio integrated systems.

For each error , eDriveCARE provides a comprehensive explanation, the best way to fix it and an option to find mechanics close to your current location.

eDriveCARE's team is continuously working to improve the detection engine to extend the anomaly detection for each vehicle. Every anomaly is analyzed in real time in the eDriveCARE Cloud and stored for additional processing. In a near future, our patent pending engine will be able to pro-actively detect some issues and help our customers to save more money. Stay tuned!