It all started when...

eDriveCARE's story began when a group of friends realized how much people are scared about any trouble that may happen with their car and that every modern vehicle is designed to provide all the information required to make a quick, easy and affordable diagnostic.

Dealers and Mechanics already take advantage of tools dedicated to professionals but these solutions are very expansives. Consumer solutions already exist but neither of them are easy and affordable.

Today, most of the drivers have smartphones and the idea was to create packaged solution under $30 to notify the driver on it's mobile when a problem happens but also to explain in a "common huma language" what the problem is and provide a solution.

It's been a real challenge to design a quality and inexpensive device, but also to create a very simple app accessible to everyone and working on (almost) every smartphone.


Affordable products: Every product that eDriveCARE is designing must be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Easy to use: The real value of our products is their ease of use. We spent thousands of hours to remove all the complexity of the existing tools and products. We try and design multiple devices and applications concepts to finally select the best. And this is just the beginning.

Innovation: Easy and affordable doesn't mean cheap and basic. Behind the scene, our design processes and patent pending products are using the latest and most innovative technologies in the mobile, Cloud, voice synthesis & recognition and machine learning. 

Privacy respect: eDriveCARE is designed to track the vehicle not the driver. We are not or are not reselling data to the insurance companies to track the driver. We do not check if you are driving too fast or marking a stop or a red light. We just want to help people to drive with peace of mind and help them to minimize the impact of a mechanic fault and save money when it happens.

Customer focus: Our team and especially our support is dedicated to customers. We know that being in trouble with a vehicle is something painful and we are here to help you when this happen.

Quality: Every product is designed, assembled and tested in the USA to provide something you can keep and use for a long time. All our products comes with a 24 months warranty.

Security: When designing our product we always take into consideration all the security aspect to interact safely with the vehicle.